Senior! Tell me about yourself and I'll tell you what to expect.

What should you expect? Congrats!! This session signifies your last year in high school. So grown up! :) Whether you have your session in my studio or at a park, we'll have fun so laugh at my weirdness, cause I do! ;)  The thing is, I get it, this is kinda weird walking around taking pictures with a  stranger, unless you're a repeat client (love you!). My goal is pretty simple - capture a bit of your story so that you have visible memories to cherish forever.

Do I shoot posed or lifestyle? Yes, haha! I shoot both. Some things that I've learned over the years is that we all can smile for a camera, but getting the moments that are not staged melt my heart. During your session, I will go along doing my thing and if at any time you want something different or something more, please don't hesitate to ask. Heck, you can even send me ideas from Pinterest that tickle your fancy. I love it all! One thing that you will find about me is that I'm pretty laid back. See you at your session! :)

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Thank you!! See you at your session. :)

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