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Friday, April 13, 2018
By Michelle A Krohn
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Mother's Day 2018




Soon it will be Mother's Day and we need to celebrate those mama's out there! Capture your kids, human and/or furry,

so that you can cherish them forever in photos. Being a mom is so very special and so are these memories!



 May 5th at my studio in Minneapolis.

Each mini session is 20 minutes long.

Let me know which time you would like to book. Full payment due at time of booking.

12:00 - OPEN

12:20 - OPEN

12:40 - OPEN

1:00 - OPEN

1:20 - OPEN

1:40 - OPEN

2:00 - OPEN

2:20 - OPEN

2:40 - OPEN 


You will get 6 digital image files via digital download, color & black and white!

Don't wait, book before it's too late!

Thursday, August 11, 2016
By Michelle Krohn
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I have an adorable family to share! 

Meet the Lessard family. This family loves life, laughs often, and saves animals by fostering them. Although I should know this, especially having lived in Minnesota for my entire life, the mosquitoes were insane. At one point I thought the blood thirsty little devils were going to carry the kids away. BUT, we survived and I'm sure they will never forget that day.  Lol!! 


Wednesday, August 10, 2016
By Michelle Krohn Photography
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What is a family? Traditionally, a family was a mother, father, and their children. When I think back to when I was little, my family was just that until the my mom left my dad. Yes, drama. Anyway, we ended up being a different type of family and some of the kids in school didn't understand, and like I did. Ha! I just rolled with it and did the only thing I knew to do, and that was whatever my mom told me. That was MY family. :)

Nowadays, family is so much more! Oh, I'm sure some of the families that we know now were out there but they were most likely in hiding or kept quiet. Gay, straight, or otherwise is no ones business. I'm sorry if you feel different, but I personally think everyone should be happy and not told how they should feel. Love whomever and find happiness! 

There are also families like mine, with lots of fur! My little immediate family doesn't have human kiddos, and I'm happy with that. My husband and I have 5 dogs, that's right, 5! I couldn't be happier with our "kids" and sometimes wish I had more. Haha! I get constant unconditional love, lots of kisses, and hugs like you wouldn't believe. To me, a family is something you have that makes you happy, and occasionally mad. ;)

What is family to you?